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 ‘Vishva Chaitanya’ which means universal consciousness, emphasizing the entire mankind as one family is an innovative personality development programme. Our sources of guidance and inspiration are the wisdom of the Upanishads, life histories of ancient and modern sages, the techniques of yoga as well the insights of modern humanistic psychology.

Who is this for?
Programme Objective
Programme Content   

Who is this for?               

With a view to equip students with the requisite knowledge and skills to strengthen their mind, a course titled “Mind Management and Human Values” under name ‘Vishva Chaitanya’ has been designed for 1st Year Degree students based on the concept of mharacter-building, man-making and life-enhancing education.

Programme Objective

To enable the students to learn life-skills and create awareness about our national history, culture, social responsibilities and human values
To encourage students to have clear professional goals as well as transpersonal goals to take them beyond selfish aspirations, nation-building and social service
Group activity to enable students to overcome stage fear & to practice teamwork
To teach them the art of communication / presentation
To enhance their ability of creative thinking
To help students learn how to observe, analyze, interpret and face various situations in everyday life
To sow the seeds of social change in the young minds
To teach the students about drive, initiative and leadership qualities

Programme Content

SWOT analysis of the Indian Nation
Concept of Self-Psychometric Test
Positive Mental Attitude
Time Management
Learning Made Easy
Innovative Thinking
Goal Setting
Communication Skills / Body Language
Problem Solving
Biographies of Great Indians
Analysis of short silent educational films
Mind Management
Practical experiential sessions integrating modern psychological insights with Yoga practices