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Vishva Chaarana - Out Bound Learning (OBL) programmes are based on the philosophy that ‘Nature is the Best Teacher’.  So, students are moved out of the confines of their class room and placed on the lap of Mother Nature. 

Who is this for?
Programme Objective
Programme Content

Who is this for?

Vishva Chaarana - Out Bound Learning (OBL) programmes are conducted as part of the syllabus as well as additional activities for 1st year degree students.

Programme Objective

To build self confidence, overcome fear, reinforce physical and mental stamina
To create an urge to DO, kindle fire to perform and test & enhance self-esteem
To create a sense of achievement & develop faith in the ability to learn new skills quickly in order to help students look for greater challenges & thus setting the process of personality development in motion
To enable students to face future challenges with greater confidence even in unknown, untested and untried areas thus opening wide vistas in life

Programme Content              

Vishva Chaarana - Out Bound Learning (OBL) programme involves activities like:

Team Building games of the subject ‘Mind Management & Human Values’
Jungle Trek
Night Trek
Hill Climbing
White Water Rafting
Microlite Flying
Lessons like ‘To be at it - To get it’, ‘Unnecessary Fear of the Unknown’, and ‘Experimental Adventure to Self Discovery’