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Today, most of the times mathematics is learnt as a routine process to acquire a degree except for a few instances.  But everybody should appreciate the beauty of mathematics and realize the importance of learning the same. A very narrow perspective to know a thing which is very vast and immense itself spoils the joy of learning it.

Vedic Mathematics widens the perspective of viewing at and knowing mathematics.  His Holiness Jagadguru Shankaracharya Sri Bharati Krishna Tirtha Swamiji found mathematics in the appendix of Atharva Veda and based on that he formulated sixteen simple aphorisms (Sutras). Swamiji later showed that these Sutras can be applied to solve each and every problem of mathematics easily.

Swamiji said “ These 16 sutras apply and cover each and every part of each and every chapter of each and every branch of mathematics - including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, conics, astronomy, calculus etc. In fact there is no part of mathematics - pure or applied - which is beyond their jurisdiction”

Who is this for?
Programme Objective
Programme Highlights
16 Sutras of Vedic Mathematics

Who is this for?

Vedic Mathematics can be pursued by students who are above the age of 9 years.

Programme Objective

To enhance the intelligence by widening the learner’s perspective and improving one’s logical assessment skill in approaching problems in different ways and arriving at the right solutions quickly.
To simplify and reveal mathematics in a different light
To bypass the customary, complicated steps in solving problems and shows quick methods in solving the same

Programme Highlights
1 There are 16 sutras. These sutras are simple sentences which can be easily understood, remembered and applied
2 A problem can be solved in different methods using different sutras. This gives an option for the student to choose the easiest method
3 The numerals greater than 5 are converted into less than 5, without changing the values. So all the arithmetic computations will become much easier. E.g. If the student knows the multiplication table up to 5 x 5, it is sufficient
4 There are very easy verification techniques in Vedic Mathematics. So, a student can verify the results instantly
5 It saves precious time in solving the problems. Most of the times it looks like magic
6 It can be learnt in a very short span of time

16 Sutras of Vedic Mathematics