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Students’ Talk

“The sessions have really taught me to manage my emotions by cultivating positive thinking and eliminating and sublimating negative emotions.”

“The sessions on Yoga, Yogasanas and Meditation Techniques have helped in enhancing my energy level, calming down my mind and increasing my memory and concentration power.”

“Apart from improving my communication & presentation skills, the film analysis session has really provoked us to think about our everyday actions and how to inculcate the right family / social / human values.”

“Learning has taken a all-new meaning after 2 days in Dandeli. The informal setup and the independence given, made me realize I am capable of taking up responsibilities and decisions. The wide range of activities helped me overcome my fears, increased my confidence and taught me the importance of moral support and encouragement.”

Parents’ Talk

“An excellent session which brought out clearly the parents’ weaknesses and suggested positive steps to overcome them and eventually help us become good and effective parents. The workshop was a welcome change from the routine and equally informative and fulfilling.”

Corporates’ Talk

“The workshop taught us the true meaning of Leadership and Innovation. It instilled not only an urge to keep learning, but also the importance of facilitating others to learn. Through sessions on Yogasanas, Pranayama, Food & Nutrition, we have gained vital inputs on Stress Management and Health. The team activities conducted taught us the art of Strategic Management in a practical way.”